A mining colony

The deadly Sagan-1 was the fittest place to establish humanity’s first mining colony. A colorful environment with natural dangers and ongoing meteor showers is the home of unknown alien lifeforms.

Sagan-1 enemies

Dangerous aliens ahead

The ferocious "Fellwright" are one of the most dreadful creatures in the galaxy, a race of flesh-bending aliens with a remarkably adaptive genome that allows them to assimilate and mutate other life forms to serve their vile Etherium-fueled goals.


Fortress like metal world

Several parsecs away from other celestial bodies, the isolated fortress-like planet of Ascendaar is home to intelligent machines built to defend their territory. Under the command of one gargantuan super-robot, the peripheroids make sure trespassers get a proper welcome.

Ascendaar enemies

Machines build with deadly technology

The mechanized inhabitants of Asceendar are as varied as they are deadly, each one designed using cutting edge Peripheroid military technology to create impenetrable security forces. Their main directive: Keeping carbon-based life forms at bay.


Frozen planet filled with natural resources

The constant blizzards, bone-breaking cold, and hostile fauna makes Borealis home to very few native species, yet the only planet to host life in the Fr33-z3 system. The resilient Ga’r are Borealis’ most prolific inhabitants, researchers estimate it is due to their cooperative nature.

Borealis enemies

The greatest threats are coming...

The Fenrir, a sneaky type of arctic wolves, are one of the biggest threats Borealis holds. These dangerous predators prowl around the snowy desert in search of their next meal. Colonizers will have to keep an eye out for them as they investigate reports of a new incoming threat...

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